Tis my first video ever. I'm surprised I put it up, because I get really nervous when I play for people, and I usually know someone's going to hear/see it when I hit "Record". Sorry if it's horrible.

Just a quick little improv I did.

Let me know what you think.
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whats going on at the begining there? are you trying to swell the notes? you should probably just hammer on hard with your fretting hand and do the volume with your right.........

over all it lacks a lot of flow. i mean the backing track is kinda out of time in parts, and the breaks just dont fit

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I didnt htink it flowed very well. You whould work on really listening to the backing track, and try to get the rhythm of your solo to match the backing track every now and then.

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Comment on youtube too if you want.
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I know what you guys mean.
I wasn't happy with the recording(quality, sound, rhythm, anything)... But I was in a weird mood and actually wanted to get something up. I've listened to it a few times today, and as soon as I can decide which one of my recordings sounds best I'll put a new one up.

Thanks for listening and giving some critique though. =)
I think you had some cool licks in there and even though some parts didn't flow like they could have, they were still really good ideas. If you just got some of the licks up to speed it would be smoking. Still though, you really did play some nice licks and I think it would be killer if you just cleaned up some things. Good job man.

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I took it down and redid it. Check out the new one if you want, it's at the top. =)