My Yamaha FG730 has only one spot to put the strap. WHY!?? Am I missing something?
if its the acoustic im thinking about, then u attach the other end of the strap above the bridge on the head
yeah get a refund!

nah kidding, all acoustics are like that
what you can usually do is with the strap come slike a peice of string or whatnot and you tie that at the other end, right after the tail piece between the head and the strings.

But thats uncomfortable as ****, people drill a hole in the back and put a straphole there

NOTE: must know where to drill, dont do it yourself
You need to either get another strap button installed near where the neck joins the body (theres a couple of possible locations) or buy a strap that ties on up at the headstock.
or just put a string through the top end of the strap. I hope you know your knots!
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Yeah, tie it around the headstock...most straps come with a shoe-string looking thing that goes through the hole at the end of the strap (where you otherwise would put the strap button in).

Some people don't like it, but I think it's nice. It leaves a lot of space for your fretting arm plus no neckdiving.

You can get another strap button installed in the back or the top of the body for pretty cheap if it bothers you so much. Go ask your local guitar shop they can probably do it for you.