a one humbucker guitar with a mini three way on-on-on toggle to do (down)full bucker-kill(middle)-(up)split ? its got six lugs on the bottom.

sorry, but no body had an answer last night. I'm hoping someone will see it that does...

EDIT: If anyones curious, heres the guitar...

I covered the pg in pics and used contact paper to cover it. I used a knife to cut the edges. I melted them down with a lighter but they are a bit rough still. You cant tell unless you look up close. the contact paper shouldnt get scratched up like clear coat would.
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I really hate to do this but I really need help...so...bump

To restate my original question...can I make a three way on on on switch do either


I just need a diagram for one of those two...
Nope. I'm assuming that's a DPDT, and it won't be possible. You'd need multiple switches or a really wierd new switch.
no, it is becuase when I first got the pickup it was in a guitar and it was wired like that. But I put it in a hss guitar and tried to redo it and ended up using seperate switches...its possible I just dont know how...
like cokeisbetter said, I also don't know how it's possible with a single 3way switch...
you could use two on-on switches, one for full humbucker/split, one for on/killswitch. That would be easier.
I know, I've done that before. But I know its possible and I remember the wireing being chaotic but I really want to know how it was done because I'm going for a really simple look on this guitar...plus I dont want to cover the hole I made ;p. If I do do two switches I'll move them over by where the five way switch was though. But I REALLY want to do it to one switch. Its kinda frustrating, I know its been done but at the same time it doesnt seempossible.

Its a three position switch with 6 lugs on the bottom...
hmmm.... in that case, I have no idea how it would be wired... I'd guess it would be with a on-off-on switch... that's as far as I know... *heads off to mspaint to try to figure it out*
If you find out, post the diagram for it, I'd be interested in seeing it...

edit: never mind, xibanezedgex's got a diagram already...
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ya know I dont actually know that its an on on on switch. That may work. Thank you.

If memory serves me right it was originally wired something like this one (http://static.zoovy.com/img/guitarelectronics/H1602-W549-BFFFFFF/hb_multisounds) so that should work. Thanks dude, you rock.

EDIT: I know the newspaper clipping things been done before but any thoughts on the way the pickguard turned out? It doesnt glare as much in person...
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