I'm trying to decide which avatar cab I should get for a JSX amp head I'm buying. Since it's 120 watts I guess my only option would be the vintage 30s in a 2x12 since they're the only 60W speakers that avatar offers. I don't mind the price difference between the specials and the customs, so that is not an issue. I guess my main questions as follows;

1) Would it be better to get an open back or closed back cab? Why?
1) Which color/grill combination would look the best with the JSX? I'm leaning towards the black tolex with black grill, or maybe black tolex with fender grill but I'm not sure if that would really fit. Origianlly I was going to go with the fender grill to match my blues junior but I'm selling it. Opinions?
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Black and red would look killer, my friend/ex-bandmate has a JSX, and it's incredible. As for the cab, I have no idea. I just had to say that.
For the cab it depends on what you want, closed will sound darker and open will sound brighter.