Hi i really didnt know where to ask this question so i thought this is as good as any. so, my question is: what is a 'capo'. when ever i read the tabs for josh radin etc for example, it always says 'capo on 1st fret' or something?? what does that mean?

thanks anyone
Put a capo on the first fret....

A capo is basically a device which bars a fret.

you phail btw
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A capo is a device used for shortening the fretboard. You just clip it on the fret indicated. You can pick one up for $20. you might want to get one that has a spring. With ones that don't, you run the risk of overtightening and damaging the back of the neck. It's hard to describe what it looks like, but you can google it or something
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thanks heaps guys - another q's while im at it: does this mean the songl soung bad without it??
^ It'll be in a different key unless you yourself bar all the open notes at where the capo would be.

For example...

Capo 2


You would have to play (if you don't have a capo)...


So the capo just allows you to have an open position further down the neck to make things easier from a playing point of view.
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