I used to have an amp with a headphone jack, so that the amp would play through the headphones, not the speakers. My newer amp doesn't (Fender FM 212R), and, knowing nothing about amps, I haven't been able to make it play through the headphones. Is there any way to do this, or do I need an amp with a headphone jack?
You can add a converter like thingy (Don't know what they are called) on the wire of your headphones so that it would fit on the "Out" of your amp. They are real cheap but not too easy to find. Perhaps an electronic store or a large guitar store...
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It has to have a headphone jack, I think. Unless your amp to speaker connection uses a normal 1/4 inch jack, you might be able to unplug the speaker and plug the headphones in.

yea just send 100 watts into tiny speakers made to handle about 1/2 a watt and right near your head...youll be a veggie if you do...i think anyways...
If it doesnt work then it doesnt work...sry to say...but if it has a headphone jack and its not working, see if you can get it replaced if its still possible at the store you bought it from, or try and get it fixed...
If worst comes to worst just play it really quiet...amps sound really S#$%y through headphones anyways...
I think you'll probably fry your headphones plugging into the speaker output of your amp. That's meant to power 2 x 12" speakers, not little tiny headphone speakers. SS aren't as vulnerable to impedance mismatches like output transformers on tube amps, but most still want a minimum impedance listed somewhere on the back. You could probably damage the amp too.
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There's supposedly some speaker emulated headphone jack...maybe your missing something...most amps that big use 1/4 inch headphone jacks...do you have a mini headphone jack like in ipod headphones or dj headphones? im downloading the manual so ill tell you for sure once its done but i think you have to plug into the jack thats says OUT...it should be near the FM212R label
I have dj headphones with the 1/4 inch jack. I figured the Pre Out might work, but it didn't when I tried.
The only way is to modify your amp. I would just get a cheap headphone equipped amp. A Peavey Backstage will only set you back $80 USD or so. They don't sound great through headphones but if you turn down the distortion and EQ a little with good headphones you might be able to live with it.