I am really scared to post this here, because you guys are always so blunt haha...but that's also why I wanted to post it here, so go nuts. This is me and my collaborator Tom. I hope you like the songs, but if you don't that's cool. They are works in progress, but we put a lot into them.
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Thank you so much for responding and being so kind. I really appreciate that man

If you want me to critique any of your stuff let me know!
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I am the mistress of ManWithoutAHat . This pleases me.
Thank you for listening and the kind words. And yes, the buzz needs to be eliminated haha.
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I am the mistress of ManWithoutAHat . This pleases me.
The Andrians? Sounds like it has a story behind it.

''Paper and Plastic''
The intro riff isn't really my cup of tea, but it's pretty creative imo, I love your tone and I don't really see whats wrong with the vocals, I think they fit very well with this sort of music, very laid back. Despite it not being my favoured sort of music, I enjoyed the chorus, specifically ''Red and Gold''? I think thats what it is.
Overall Nicely put together and good clean recording quality. Could do with some percussion of some sort imo.

Wow I like the opening riff a lot, and when the violins come in, it adds so much to it. It reminds me a lot of Brand News '' Jesus Christ'', give it a listen if you haven't already. Again your tone is spot on. Actually, I can't tell if thats a synth or a violin, but either way its cool. The second part of the song is good to, you've used the effect to well...great effect. Very nice and epic.

''Saturn Devouring...''
This is decent, I don't think the vocals are the greatest on this, but considering the ratio of
people who think they can sing and can't, to the people who can actually sing, you could do much worse. To be honest it's not really my cup of tea. One thing that I think goes with all the songs, is that they could use the presence of at least some sort of bassline on top of the synth, percussion being used where fitting, but really it's all up to you, since it's you and your collaborators music.

''Killer On Contract''
First off I like the name . Secondly, awesome opening riff which I think was spoiled in some ways by the vocals, mainly because they don't fit the song at all. Nice harmonics and guitar work in general, I also like the layering during the mini solo. As for tone, the lead sounds a bit fuzzy, but the riff sounds pretty solid and nice and crunchy.

It reminded me of the halo theme song by the way . As I listen to it the vocals grow on me, but I think they still don't fit, maybe add some reverb to them? Or even some sort of effect, they're just a little bit too clean for my liking.

I hope that was helpful
paper and plastic: nice playing. there was a little fuzz in the back. try to make your mix more full to get rid of that a bit. really cool playing. why was everything in one headphone? oops, the vocals just came in in the other headphone. vocals were pretty decent, but they were really whiny, which i didn't enjoy at all.

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Wow, thanks man. That was very helpful and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I love the fact that you associated Europa with Jesus Christ, as it is one of my favorite Brand New tunes and I really appreciate the honesty in general. I agree with you as well, especially concerning the lacking of drums and bass. I could have laid down bass so that's my fault, but we honestly couldn't find a drummer in time to record haha (Tom, the singer/keys/guitar guy had to move to a different city so we were a bit rushed).

Oh, and our name haha: It comes from Greek/Roman mythology (as you can tell we have a bit of a mythology/art theme going on) and we decided to use that particular name because they were the ones with Bacchus when he turned the water from the stream into wine. We drink a lot so we probably would have been there as well, making it seem like the perfect band name for us.

Thanks again for the listen/critique man. I really appreciate it and I also want to commend you again on your music. I hope to hear more from you soon!

EDIT: To Capt.jackass.

Thanks Chris, I appreciate it man. And yes, I will check yours out now.
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I like the vocals....sounds almost identical of the singing from the fall of troy...great work
But Dad, Nick Cannon is hilarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrious
That was amazing music.
I loved it so much. lol
I like the vocals too.
All I really heard.. Was the buzz. lol
Great work.

Thanks for your critique. =)
Thanks guys! I really appreciate it and sorry about the buzz lol.
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I am the mistress of ManWithoutAHat . This pleases me.
Killer on contact:
I love the intro harmony....that was sick
Vocals are ok in the intro
i really like the lead licks panned to the left after the intro it sounds great...it really catches my attention
then you go back to the harmony...again very sick riff
again the left speaker's guitar is very fun to listen too...very good stuff
the guitar solo is tasty.
All this one needs is perhaps some bass, and a little work on the vocals, other than that its great. - maybe some drums too...

crit mine?
I loved the songs man. Really relaxing. The vocals werent amzing but they were good. Great instrumental stuff too.
Thx for the feedback on my song btw.