...write great, typical classic rock songs - something like 'welcome to the jungle' by GNR, something in that kind of style. I mean, what subjects do they use, and how should I go about it?
welcome the jungle was created by axel as he or gnr were in LA I think. he wondered about this big city something like that. i heard that in an interview. maybe that helps
try not to base ur songs on other peoples songs. if ur anything like me, u very soon get quite depressed and start thinking 'damn, whish i had come up with that' and suddenly u cant get that song out of your head.
My advice... don't try to.

Find your own style of writing. You'll probably discover that you write nothing like axl rose - which isn't bad, it just shows your character. Individuality and uniqueness are valued more highly these days than the best copy cat.

Just be yourself.
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Hmm... if you want to sorta "get into their style" of writing, then you could try analyzing the song. Like really getting into it, asking yourself why? Why did they do this, why did they choose this word here and such. Look up interviews with them. What perspectives are their songs sung from? Is it funny, and if so, why is it funny? Ironic humor, all that stuff.

Hope that helps.
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have and awesome trip and you will start writing **** like that... like with izzy stradlin..GNR's 2nd guitarist..he actually wrote the riff and lyrics to mr. brownstone(A.K.A. heroin)..why do you think he wrote that for..
why try to be like someone else? music is (was) about originality, so just go with whatever feels good. just do whatever. i wrote a song on the sky.. the SKY! and it wasn't half bad. just look for an object to use as inspiration and think about what you like/ dislike about it and why. explain it using poetic techniques. if it flows, great. if it doesnt keep trying. i think i proved that a song can be written about anything with a little thought (and perhaps some psychotic ideas thrown in)
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