Theyre just for beginners or people who just want a guitar that they might not play.

They're cheap because they use cheap materials.

As you have already got a beginners guitar you don't want to be getting another - and i'd say Lindo is a stepback from Legacy.

Your next guitar should be something like a Vintage or maybe an Epiphone.

Maybe a low range Ibanez RG.
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Bad quality, and also to donkey fly, who are you to say what his next guitar should be? he could be better than you, playing guitar is about playing guitar not if he is on his first or second guitar. They wouldn't be that bad, but theres a guy at my school who has an ebay guitar, and it is pretty bad, your legacy would (probably) be better.
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you'd have to pay me to play that guitar
it would be interesting to try it out though lol
see how long the floyd rose copy stays in tune lol
seeing as you can only probably buy a few replacement parts for an original floyd for the same price as that guitar
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god i hate these copy company's that all they do is make ****ty beginner guitars, hell it started with first act, but anyway a beginner guitar should be something like an epiphone, yes it is made cheaper than a gibson "way cheaper" but its got better sound and playability then any of these ****nuts, only copy company id really recomend would be epiphone "even tho they're owned by gibson so theyre not really copys" and esp so anyway good luck