Poll: Which one dents and wears out the fastest ?
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i used the search bar and didn't find anything, so...
which one (maple or rosewood) dents and wears out the fastest on a fretboard ?
Hmm, in my experience, maple has been much more hardwearing. Might just be the case for my guitars though, as my rosewood fretboard guitar is much cheaper than my maple fretboard guitars.
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there's a lot of threads about that but anyways
i prefer maple cause it just feels nicer to me, looks nicer, is teh sex0rZ and rosewood kinda slows me down and doesn't look as sexy as maple.
i dare you to find a thread with the same question i asked
it's not about what you prefer, i was asking which one wears out the fastest and dents the fastest...
I personally would say maple since rosewood is much denser. BUT THEY WILL BOTH LAST A LONG TIME IF YOU TAKE CARE OF THEM AND CLEAN THEM REGULARLY!!!

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The thing about maple is, it's not so much the wood that wears out, it's the finish on it. You've probably seen on relic'd guitars that they have these gray spots between the frets. That's where the finish has been worn off and dirt has collected

On the other hand, rosewood tends to be more porous (from my experience). It's got these little lines in it, and it needs a bit more maintenance occasionally. Although I can't really say which wears out more...

I've never seen a fretboard that's worn out. It's always the frets themselves.
^exactly. i think this is a ridiculous question tbh, get a rosewood or maple fretboard on how it plays, sounds or looks but not on how quickly it will wear out.

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From what I've read online, the actual maple fretboard lasts longer but the finish wont last as long so it'll get ugly after a while once the finish wears off.

Rosewood is darker so you wont notice the dirst so it doesnt need a finish, but its not as durable as maple.

Ebony i think requires the most care since it dries and cracks quickly.

So for endurance Maple>Rosewood>Ebony

and then maple just looks beautiful
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I've never even had a maple fretboard.
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I prefer the feel of a Worn Maple board... Pure Sex.
Maple wears out sooner, but it's harder than rosewood.

The wood will be faded, but it will last longer than rosewood. It doesn't really matter because both will last you 2 life times.
maple darkens colors however it won't ever really go bad. Rosewood drys out if its not treated right.

just learn to oil and clean your board and you'll never have a problem with any wood (except maybe ebony)
i like rosewood but its just me i would still buy a guitar with maple or rosewood i cant feel the diff
I'm trying to decide what kind to get for my American Strat Deluxe.

For the record, all my guitars are rosewood and I've had some for pushing nine years. I've never oiled the fretboard or "treated it" and it still looks lovely.

And also, I think maple looks... wierd!

I'll probably go for rosewood again, especially because my favourite guitarists like Frusciante and John Major seem to favour it.
I prefer rosewood, but maple is very nice as well. Rosewood is a lot softer though, but, it looks beautiful.
ive only owned guitars with rosewood but i thought my friends maple fretboard was a lot easier to play on, and yes i take good care of my rosewood
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both my guitars have rosewood and is pretty good,
but i like more the looks of maple, but for playability i haven´t played a giutar with it so i can´t say
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