Hi guys, i m looking for a PCB that matches this schematic

Anyone knows? It is a MIJ Ds-1 schematic i think.
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You can't buy a PCB for the DS-1 - they are so cheap as a whole, you may as well go buy one and mod it to your liking.
If you want a totally DIY route though, there are MUCH better distortions out there that you can build on perf or stripboard.
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I want to see how a Japanese spec DS-1 sounds compared to the current Taiwanese Mass produced ones.

Im nt sure if the japanese one and the taiwanese one use the same PCB. If they do, then i can then its a matter of replacing parts.
If they are not then i gota build one.
MIJ Fender '57 Stratocaster
Vox AD15VT
PodXT Live
don't do it!!! build a Rat or sumtin!!!

and no, i don't know where to get a pcb for ds1. get the pedal and u get an enclosure too?
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