id go for the S. It looks better, has a better bridge and it is made out of mahogany.
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yeah s for sure, much better guitar, and i've played on both of them
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I'd go with the S470.

You want to stay well away from the Edge III trem if you're wanting a guitar with one, plus the ZR is fantastic.

If you can try them that would be better though, because some people feel uncomfortable with the S470 as the body is so thin.
^ yeah if he's covering. when writing your own material you just avoid using 23 and 24 lol (because you can't..)
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well u can hit the trem alittle harder wit the ZR to get sum 23,24 fret sounds, its not the same but i wouldnt get a crappier guitar just because of those 2 frets, maybe get a digitech whammy pedal?, oh and btw threadstarter, i believe its 3 inches of blood
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go for the s

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If you aren't going to use the trem, Washburn x50pro would be the best option.

But I am guessing that you are...

So the S > RG


But, you can get a nice RG550 or RG570 or RG1570 used.

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oh right yeh i meant 3 inches must of been a typo, you all say good reasons but isnt the RG supposed to be for metal? the s470 does look good but the RG has the stage presence
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Quote by ChazBcWarlock
oh right yeh i meant 3 inches must of been a typo, you all say good reasons but isnt the RG supposed to be for metal? the s470 does look good but the RG has the stage presence

you and your playing should be creating the presence
Ok, you seem very eager to buy an RG, even though an S is a way bigger value than most non-prestige RG.

Is a tremolo something you really want? Cause if so, sorry to inform you that no non-prestige RG model has a good tremolo.
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Dude get the S.

Honestly: the RG's horns and overall look are a bit tacky, imo. S's are really awesome lookers, and they are going to be better overall than any RG you listed.
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Quote by JeffWiredBeck24
RG > S; HOWEVER, S > that RG. Edge IIIs suck, and S Trems are great. Buy the S.

ZRs are alright. Stay in tune but I hate the feel. And the trem bars break a lot easier.

I just wish they would release an old school S with the original body design, original wizard neck, and a lo pro.
get the S
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