I do. i just use my index finger as if it were a pick and hold it like one to.
if any of you know an easier way or do this to tell me! cuz finger picking is awesome.
rest your hand on the bridge, pluck like that. thats how i do it. or i dont anchor at all. and thats not finger picking if you're doing it like that.

EDIT: i mean if youre just using your index finger as a pick. it doesnt classify as finger picking.
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I don't know about that, I've tried it and it seems kinda hard to pluck the strings like you normally would with your hand rested on the bridge. your fingers are kinda at an odd angle it seems. I can only pluck the strings with my index finger and thumb like that.
one word: practise
you'll get better
everythign feels weird the first time
when you first picked up the guitar, did i feel weird? most probably
i can remember if it did when i did, i was 4.
I don't tend to, might do if I used fingerpicks though.
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I usually mute with the heel of my hand whether finger picking or with a pick. Sometimes I want to mute only the high E string, and leave my pinkie or ring finger sitting on it or on the guitar body and against the string. But usually with the heel of my hand.

everythign feels weird the first time

Couldn't agree more. I started at 5, so I don't really remember either but I would think I wasn't too concerned about muting, just getting my tiny hands to reach that G chord...

You'll get the hang of it with practice, and try to use thumb and 3 fingers as much as possible. I started using thumb, index and middle fingers, not knowing the ring finger could be used too, and when I finally realized you were actually supposed to use it, I was never able to make it work right, still can't. Believe me, I've tried, but that;s just one of the things I guess my right hand isn't coordinated enough to do, I always fumble all over the place.

Finger picking was pretty strange when I first started, but it didn't take long to get accustomed to it. I started fingerpicking early though, my father would absolutely refuse to get me a pick when I'd break one, so I'd go without a pick for months at a time until my uncles (who taught me to play) would give me one when we went to grandma's house to visit. I'd cut picks out of empty plastic Clorox jugs sometimes, but you have to wait till the jug is empty... Same for strings, I played the same set of Black Diamonds for 2 or 3 years at a time. I remember being really disappointed when christmas came around, the only thing I really really wanted was a new set of strings and it didn't happen..no strings...
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