K...my previou thread was a total disaster...but nvm..

My friend just gave me a electric by the brand Riviera,doupt you people have heard it..neither did i before i got it. K,but this guitar is old. Rusty screws...missing whammy bar...cracks on the plate at the back.I actually planned to get a mexican fat strat HSS but that was before i got this guitar...And so i'm planning to change some parts like the pickups,neck and other little tiny details...And all the changed parts are gonna be fender products..only because this guitar is JUST LIKE A FENDER,in terms of looks,amount of control knobs and stuff like that.

Change the pickups,the neck,fix the knobs (the volume is like dangling from nowhere..) and clean up the whole guitar.But how much will this cost?

Change the 3 single coils,change the neck and fix the knobs,get a new pickguard,a new back plate (the one that covers the springs) and get a whammy bar,change the metal plug socket and if possible,repaint it (at the shop of cos)..But all this sounds a little expensive....Upgrading it roughly because this is just gonna be my ''training guitar'' for about a year to two...before i get a mexican fat strat..and besides,after upgrading,it'll more or less sound like a fender...since everything is gonna be replaced by fender parts...Does anyone know how much all this upgrading will cost,and whether this is a good idea?

no, its a waste of time. a riviera was my first guitar and theyre ****. buy the MIM strat.way more worth it
heh...just change the neck and single coils? just for a starting one...well,you don't learn how to drive in a F1 car don't you? But it'll really sound just like a fender if i change the pickups and the neck...but all i want to know is how much it costs...cos this guitar is free,and whatever i spent upgrading should be less than the MIM and i think thats kinda worth it...for a starting guitar that is,
its gona b nothing like a fender. its gona look **** and sound ****. buy the MIM fender, then upgrade this guitar with the money you make after you have your good guitar.
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this guitar is JUST LIKE A FENDER....

Change the 3 single coils

I thought Fenders usually had 2 single coils and a humbucker?
but i don't get it...i'm changing almost everything except the body...what kind of differnece can the body make?but i'm doing this only cos its gonna be alot cheaper den the mim..sigh,really troubled,also cos my peeps probably won't allow...
no,most fenders have 3 single coils...the one i wanted to get was a MIM HSS,a fender made in mexico tha has 2 single and a humbucker.

AND*** the riviera looks JUST LIKE A FENDER,so everything will fit,and i really just don't see how the body and make so much differnece..
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I thought Fenders usually had 2 single coils and a humbucker?

nope, most fender strats have 3 singlecoils, and teles have 2 normally.
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I thought Fenders usually had 2 single coils and a humbucker?

more often than not fenders usually have all single coils, but they do have quite a vast range of models that are overlooked like the Cyclone and Toronado guitars for example, and to a lesser extent mustangs, jaguars and jazzmasters (although these last 2 are actually getting quite popular lately), which have completely different pickup combinations.
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I thought Fenders usually had 2 single coils and a humbucker?

Humbuckers are a fairly recent addition to the Strat, mainly because a few pros started to modify theirs or special order them that way. The original Strat was strictly 3 single coils.

To the original question, wait to change the pickups until you see what they sound like. You might end up liking the ones it has now. Same for the neck. Fix the minor things, the knob, clean it up, set the action and intonation, then some new strings, and see how it plays and sounds. Then replace hardware only if necessary to get better sound or better playability. I would be more concerned about replacing tuners first, if it has really cheap ones that don't work well. Same for volume and tone pots, they won't be very expensive and might not work right. Some contact cleaner is a very good idea. A new tremolo arm shouldn't be more than $10, I think mine was $6. Take the guitar and find one that fits, they make different sizes and threads.

Rusty spots on chrome parts can be cleaned up with aluminum foil. It works great and shouldn't leave scratches. I've been using it for a few years now and it works really well, just use heavy duty aluminum foil as if it were sandpaper.

Just because it looks exactly like a Fender doesn't mean the neck will be a perfect fit, you might want to measure it first, and I would go for a neck from Allparts or similar, an actual Fender neck will cost you a group of bucks.
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Thanks and yeah,i've just thought of the same thing...but first the amp(the guitar came as a surprise so i only have a acoustic amp at the moment,no distortion),but which would be good? my friend says the amp is super important and i totally agree,but which one?any suggestions?
how much roughly will the whole upgrade cost? anyone knows? and the 3 single coils will come together right? or do i have to buy them one by one?
i believe they are sold separately, also depends what kind u decide to put in..might run u 200 or 300..just my guess for some good ones. I think u just buy a new guitar. As MIM strats are fairly priced. if u were to put some in, try some Hot Rails they are priced good. 74 bucks for one.
to tell you the truth if all the parts you replace are fenders then it would be better to just buy a fender strat, bring the price down to like 350, and thats it...
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how much roughly will the whole upgrade cost? anyone knows? and the 3 single coils will come together right? or do i have to buy them one by one?

More than buying a new guitar.
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are you guys sure? it should be cheaper to buy the parts right? i was thinking just to get this guitar to a moderate level to train with for a year or two and get the MIM fat strat after dat. And what about the neck? how much will a fender neck set me back?
crap....but i really don't want to get the MIM strat yet...my peeps won't allow....that sucks huh? what about just average coils and a neck? and the mim strat is about SGD700 you know?