Well, I just got these Zakk Wylde boomers strings for my electric guitar
they are 010 set GBZW (what does GBZW mean?) and custom light. I find them really hard to use.

Is there any other strings that are easier to use
easier such that easier to bend, closer to fretboard and the strings don't make those buzzing sound.

aren't those easier to sweep?

Can anyone suggest any? Thanks in advanced
build finger strength.
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Sweep picking if i could actually get faster at it. But overall . . everything. Every technique in guitar playing is worth learning or playing. Nice thread by the way
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build finger strength.

yup there 10s shouldnt be hard bending them....
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About the LHC

If you just keep using them, eventually your fingers will strengthen and you won't find it hard.

Or, put on some 9's.
It stands for Guitar Boomers Zakk Wylde but i would recommend DR's and D addario strings they are really sick both are really smooth and easy to bend. But I heard from my friend that those Zakk Wylde strings are wayyy to heavy. But u may have installed them wrong if ur getting buzzing.
nah, I get those buzzing sounds from the strings I used before. Which were relatively thin and easy to bend. But the ones now doesn't have any buzzing sound (they don't exactly fit on my bridge though).

I found them to far away from the fretboard compared to the strings I had before. I think I'll try those DR and D addario sometime soon.