some girl i know wanted lessons from me so i agreed and went to check out what gear she has (a nice vintage fender and a fender tweed amp, very nice). well the mustang needed new strings so she asked me to pick some up for her. wll i did and i may have picked up a bad set for a guitar like that. its the ernie ball power slinkys

im just concerned if im going to be running into any problems with the bridge rising. so can any of you guys help me out here? it looks like it should be fine but i dont want to run into any problems. i was thinking of just giving her a pack of my strings but the lower strings are killer heavy in guage so i dont think they would be effctive for a beginner

the high strings are lighter but the lower 3 are quite heavy. so im thinking ok just giving her the power slinky pack and getting to learn on those in in a month or sos time she can decide on what shes looking for in strings.

thanks in advance
You should be fine putting either of those on. But, if the bridge does rise, open up the back and tighten the springs/add another one. (or two if you still have a problem)

Edit: Also, I'm not a fan of Ernie Ball strings, have a look at D'addario, I use them all on my guitars and I love them.
just get regs or super slinkies, i started on super dwn to reg.

now i use jimi hendrix sig. dean markleys, nt cosve the hendrix over pricedness, there just v.nice
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10-52s are the greatest string gauge ever made . Don't think your friend would have a problem either way, give her the power slinkies, if she has a problem she can just adjust it later..

What's the 18p about?
thanks guys and i honestly have have no idea what the 18p is about. and if i must tighten the springs in the back how does one go about doing such?
Open up the back where the strings feed through and you will see some springs attached to the back of the bridge. At the other end there's a claw with the ground soldered to it, holding the claw to the body will be 2 screws, tighten them to lower the bridge, loosen them to raise it.
There's nothing on the back, everythings accessed through the front, the bridge wont lift up. It's the same bridge as my jag, heavier string gauge = the better tbh. The bridge rocks back and forth in sync with the trem. But if it's a regular scale guitar, so you should be fine with the power slinkies.
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i think lighter strings might be better because girls useualy have smaller hands and fingers
she coudl have problems holding down and bending the heavier strings