so i'm considering getting this guitar today,but i'd like to hear some opinions about it,it wont be used on stage or anything,just for home use..never owned an acoustic-electric before, do they sound just as good unplugged as they do plugged in? i would assume so but like i said i never owned one

im still trying to decide on which color i want to..im leaning towards the cherry(would go with my cherry SG standard) but the blue one looks nice too...
i know someone who owns the cherry one. i love it and its a really nice guitar, but i found that its a bugger when it comes to fingerprints.
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meh..if thats the only issue with it i can live with it..i havent been able to physically hold it yet,since you know someone with it,is the body really "fat". i cant stand really fat bodied acoustics because they are uncomfortable for me to play..i understand acoustics arent going to be as thin as my SG but i know there are thinner bodied ones and fatter ones
im sorry to say this but ibanez making acoustics is just wrong, sure its good for beginners, but ill still to the electrics
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