Alright, I've found an amp that looks it might be a great deal on Ebay. While it has a few days left, not many people have bid on it and it looks like I might get it pretty cheap. My question is, could any experienced Ebay users look over the sale for me and make sure it looks fairly legit? And I don't know a whole lot about the mechanics of the amp he's selling either, though I've read tons of reviews, if anyone would mind looking at the pics. It's a Mesa Boogie Mark IV.

If I make a link to the Ebay auction would that be considered advertising? In the interests of not getting banned, I'll wait until someone answers that. Just search for "mesa boogie" as the title. That's actually all that is in the title, which worries me a bit, but meh.

Thanks very much for any help!
most bids come in the last 10 minutes, make sure to place your maximum bid before it gets to that (ebay will automatically bid up like 50 cents more than the last guy until it reaches your maximum bid i think), if the seller has a very high rating usually he's legit.
I'm an eBay addict, I'll check it out for you.


Edit: PM it me.

You could get screwed over by people on here that also want .

I won't though, i can't afford it, no matter how much it is