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53 58%
Voters: 91.
The age old question

On my quest to be the most random threadstarter on UG...i give you this controversy

peanut butter....

chunky....or smooth
what?search for this and that

EDIT: ooooh peanu tbutter...why didnt you say so?
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I love you.

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Smooth, duh.
Smoooooooth...Just like me.
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i thought it was crunchy, not chunky.
however my fecal matter tastes better chunky...... oh ****.... did i just type that and click Post? ..... i think i did....
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chunky on toast - breathtaking stuff.
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Real men have chunky peanut butter
Everyone who said smooth can go die.

Chunky FTW.

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nice try, i made this thread ages ago

crunchy btw
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I prefer smooth but ill eat both :P
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day

I used to be a huge fan of chunky, but then my mom started buying creamy. Now, I'll eat either, but I prefer creamy. It's easier to spread on bread, for one thing.
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Yeah but chicks dig guys who are into smooth penut butter. It's like tight pants; you're a little less manly for doing it, but you get more ass, so it doesn't matter.

What? I'm sorry, what? Crunchy ist better, we all know that - whilst many deny it. But why would you you bother to research that? Or is it all bull****?
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i likes em chunky
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Real men have chunky peanut butter

i eat smooth but make it chunky with ground up childrens skulls
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I'm a crunchy fan, but smooth will do in a pinch.