well, ive recently played an ESP C-305 in my store... it was orgasmic... but the store near me is really expensive, and i cant really afford one in there, cose its over 1000€...

the problem is: that bass has been discontinued, and now i cant find one anywhere!

so im trying to choose between these two...

if anyone has experience with these basses, i would really apreciatte your observations on them...



the basses are about the same, although i prefer the look of the D5

the thing is: first, i dont really like agathis, and the B255 has a body made of it...

and the D5 is made out of this wood i never heard of.... Merbau..... has anyone heard of this wood? do you know the tonal characteristics of it?

how would you define the tonal characteristics on the basses?

thank you!
I love ESP LTD basses. and guitars...Im embarrased for being such a fan-boy. oh well.

My advice would be go play them, and see which one you like. Take along an amp you're familiar with, and get the staff in the shop to tune it to whatever tuning you use.

You probably wont be disappointed by esp. Lots of people rubbish them for some reason, but i like em.
out of those 2, get the D5. Unless you want to save up for a 400 series.

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that is my problem... i cant play those models in here....but ill probably go for the D5... its alot sexier....... and no, i cant save up for the 400 series, thats just too much money for me... and im actually only gonna buy that bass before i get my 1001RB head and a good cab....so its gonna take a while...

thanks! open for more comments!