Okay so currently I have a OLP MM2 and an olp 10 watt amp that came free. I want to upgrade. Should I buy a new 450$ amp, But a 300$ amp and get a better pickup for my bass or spend 450$ on a new bass and amp. No matter what I need an amp and I have 450$ to spend. Please help me please.

Thanks so much.
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Spend everything you got on an amp.


I like Fender Rumbles, but the people in this forum will most likely disagree with me.
I really dont play more than garages and my room which is why a head and cab is out of the question. Over 200 watts = no possible way im liking the fender rumbles and that ashdown whats better? One last thing whats the point of the badass bridge? whats it do?
the ashdown is much better then the fender.... go for it.... if its only rooms and garages you'll never need more then that
im thinking of buying the ashdown and an effect now and then in about two months buy a badass bridge and a mm emg pup. Would that be a good setup? A mm2 by olp with a emg pup and a badass bridge.
if you only play in a garage and stuff, i dont see the point in buying a new bridge or new pickups.... with the money you'd spend on all that stuff, you should get a really good amp, and that would give you twice as a great sound........ just because you have a head and cab doesnt mean you cant turn the volume down a bit.....

now, the pedals, that is total fun

Sure its Scratch and Dent, but 220 watts of Ampeg for less than 450. It also has side handles which to be honest, just win.