So this is the first time I'm going to ask the ancient Pit some homework help!

I gotta do something to put on the first page of my History book,and I'm thinking of finding some image of like a Roman or a Knight doing the devil horns while headbanging (no .gif a normal pic)...

I'm having a hard time finding it,may I ask you some help...PLEASE??

Thanks in advance!

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on topic i just wanted to post that pic

EDIT: ill se what i can find
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You might find a decent picture of Blackmore's Night.

My knowledge of Medieval-styled rock runs out there. Maybe there's a metal band out there somewhere that dress up as Vikings or something that you could use.
i thought this was going to be about medieval hamburgers. im thoroughly disappointed.
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Knight's Don't Headbang. They just get the Guillotine.
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print screen something from Killswitch Engage's video for Holy Diver haha
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