I am looking for a good octave pedal so I can simulate a bass like sound for around 30 or 40 pounds

i have looked at danelectro and boss and they dont look to bad

i also looked at the behringer one and it had rubbish reviews

please leave a reply

I don't know if you're handy with a soldering iron, but making one would be much cheaper (And much more fun). There are loads of schematics all over the place on the net.

If not, then maybe look at a s/h octave fuzz. (Im really not too hot on octave pedals atm. Love the sound though.)
my room mate has the boss octave pedal thingy, and he likes it. i havent really tried it out for more than a min or so, but it seemed not bad. im not a huge fan of newer boss stuff though, so i would recomend you try it out before you buy it or anything.