Ive just about went out to grab one, but I'm somewhat poor, and in Canada, the equipment is kinda expenisve, so I wanna make sure.

I know its worth it for thrash and Nu metal and all that. Ive read enough on it. But how diverse is it? Could I adjust it to get more of a Rush sound, or a distorted Zepplin?

Another thing, I dont have an effects loop on my amp. When I hook it up, I go Guitar>Pedal>Clean channel? Or Do I play on top of my Dirty channle?

I've never tried it but I can help you on the amp question. Just go guitar>pedal>amp. Depending on the amount of distortion it has, you could use either channel. My Digitech Metal Master has waaaaaay too much distortion for the overdrive channel, so I keep it on clean, but my overdrive works best on the distortion channel. Try what sounds best, it won't hurt anything (other than maybe your ears from the horrible buzzing too much distortion can create).
The Metal Muff is a great pedal, it could probably get those sounds. And I play on the clean channel. The amp's distortion and the pedal's won't work very well together, I think.
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t could probably get those sounds.

Every man and his dog says that. From the people who have one *which seems to be all of UG) could I get this answered difinitvly?
for the metal muff, use it into the clean channel. it wont do great rush or zeppelin sounds, as it sounds harsh for a light overdrive. it does have a good eq tho, so mess around with it.
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