I was at the Arlington Guitar Center and found a Lefty 1982 ES-335. GC was asking $1999.


It had a good sound but it also had several issues. Among those were:

-possible cracks around the jack
-missing pick guard
-significant fret wear (might need a leveling)
-several dings and scratches (but nothing horrible)
-Needs new strings (rusting)
-MARKED AS A SECOND (norlan era guitar)
-some excessive bowing in the neck (torsion rod adjustment needed)
-hairline cracks in the binding by each fret
-intonation is off on a couple of strings (needs a setup)

I've got a luthier who can take a good look at it. IF there are no issues with the cable jack (just cracked paint/finish) what would you offer for a guitar like this? I did play it and I think it has some potential in the sound department.

I should point out that I have never found a lefty ES-335 before. I'm not sure they are even made any longer. I was shopping for an Lefty Epi Dot, which I did find for $414.

My other option is to wait for the Arlington Guitar Show next month.
Lefty guitars are usually a bit more expensive, but with all that damage i reckon theyre charging too much, but then again if theyve stop making left ES 335's then they can charge what they like cos people will want one
Oh I should mention that the OHSC was included. It had some ware but was in generally good condition.

Yea, I'm curious to see how long they end up holding on to it. I know they've already had it in stock for over a month because it just cleared the police check.
don't get it. unless u wanna hang it on your wall. because it won't last long and just isn't worth $2000