I don't know whether it's advertising or not. So i am not going to report you but why don't u post the lyrics here .That way you'll get more feedback.Read the rules before posting.
just a thought
I don't wish to advertise, excuse me if it seems like I do. The page doesn't link anywhere, and I figured it'd just be easier posting the webpage I set up for it, as 18 songs would be too long for a topic.
I will report you, I'm afraid that it is only one song/poem per day. 18 is a bit much. What you can do is post two of your songs every week. So you would have the whole album done in nine weeks and you would get much much much better critics, trust me.


This will probably be closed but you can repost 1 song after it is.
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know of this. In that case, a moderator should probably close this =)