recently i changed a set of stock pickups in my ibanez rg7620. I never personally did them but im not getting the sound i want. The only way to describe it is the kind of sound you get when you leave a wah on the flat position. Theres so much attack and over clarity on the strings. Baring in mind im not an expert in electronics can anyone make some suggestions as to what the problem is.
Sounds like the pickup is wired out of phase with it's self.

You have 2 coils on your pickup. Each coil has a start and an ends which makes a total of 4 wires. The end of both coils should be soldered together and then the start of 1 coil gets wired to the hot and the start of the other coil get wired to the ground which gives you a humbucker sound

If somebody wires the start of one coil to the end of the other coil then the pickup will be out of phase with it's self. That is what it sounds like you have going on. So how to you fix it? Revers the wires on 1 of the 2 coils.

It's also possible that you have a short in your pickups.
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