Ok so here's the deal, first time changing strings and
I cut one of my strings to short cause i forgot that the A string's knob was located higher on the head.
So now its sitting on just half a round and a slot in.
What should i do?
Im hoping that it can withstand tension and maybe i'll change it before my next gig, in like 3 months if it can last.
Budget there. =.=
Otherwise what do you suggest i do?
Im not sure about the availability of single 85 gauge strings of GHS Boomers flea sig.

Thanks for the help!
i think it should be ok. you might have tuning problems on that string though. and for future reference dont cut the strings until after youve wrapped it around and put it through the hole,
buy a new single one... or you'll risk be playing with it and it snapping and hitting you mercylessly in the head...

do you want that to happen? uh?
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Never cut your strings before you have them secure.

true dat! just secure them first THEN cut them 'twas foolish mistake
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buy new strings.. if you were to stretch it that far.. IF it withstood the tension, it wouldn't be the right tuning.. it'd be way too high.. so yeah.. buy new string(s).

next time you're changing strings and doing the cutting part, have them hooked up to the neck and measure. it should be about 2 inches past the tuner knob (after the cut).

use this guide: http://www.tunemybass.com/bass_string_change/
you're gonna find that it won't stay in tune very well, and that it's incredibly sensitive to tiny tuning adjustments. i suggest a new string, and they should sell them seperately at any decent music shop
u should always wait to cut your strings. other than that there's really nothing u can do. just get them on if u can and change them once u can get new ones.
man i still have yet to see individual strings for sale. are there no decent shoppes in toronto? :P

Edit: dunno your exact situation, but you -could- try putting it through the sixth strings' machine head and put the sixth through the fifth. (still best to get new strings though)
Just take this as a lesson learnt never too repeat a second time. You should leave around 4 inches after the tuning post. An inch is roughly the length between the egde of your thumb and the first knuckle down, so measure four of those and you should be fine.

Having enough wrapping is important for maintaing tuning stability. Also on Fender type flat headstocks, when you wrap down it provides extra leverage between the tuning head and the nut. This ensures a solid open string note when played.

You should be able to buy individual strings online.
yeah that's a bitch when it happens, happened to me and i had to get a new string for £6!

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It's a mistake you're only going to make once, buy a new string buddy.
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we have all done it at least once, if you haven't you ain't been playing long. it sucks, but as stated, you probably won't do it again. call around you might find a shop with a single string available. if not, buy another set. then you'll have back-ups, for later.
Remember, measure twice, cut once
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one buy optimas gold strings.yea they may cost 50-80 dollars depending on what site you get them off of,but they last for ****ing ever i have mine and they do last long and they have awsome tone
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Solder the rest of the string back on.

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Haha. Ok thanks guys.
I'll see what i can do bout getting a new string, cause im like stuck at home for the next 3 weeks?
I hope it can last till then. $$=

Solder the rest of the string back on.

I actually did think of doing that.
But i doubt its a good idea at all.

P.s. Im still trying out the tones of diff strings so yea. =D
did you keep your old string? you could use that until you go and buy a single.
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My mom threw the box away =.=
Plus i was really under budget for a while
so that string is REALLY REALLY old