I like Kanyes album a whole lot more, whether he won in sales, I could care less.
I thought Kanye won. I'd vote for the Kanye..just because of 50 and his rather boring rhymes. Not much creativity besides cars, women, money, and clothing. Dane Cook tends to over act a lot of things on stage. But, I still think he's pretty funny on stage. Couldn't be arsed listening to his music though.
IS this the guy from employee of the month, i just watched that yesterday it wasnt too funny and before that i have never heard of him before so im guessing hes terrible at singing because he wasnt very good in employee of the month either.
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Dane Cook is annoying
50 Cent is fake
Kanye West has a teddy bear logo.

Winner : Kanye
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Haha, that was an epic pic battle. you are a worthy opponent

Speaking of dane cook....
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God damn Dane Cook, stick to stand up. Oh and on a side note, Kanye > Fifty
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Goddammit I hate this guy. Did anyone else notice this sounds like he recorded this in a cave?.
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50 won. However, when Kayne got pissed at the VMA's and didn't show up on TRL the next day, guess who filled in! 50 cent!

So even if 50 didn't sell more records, he won at not being a moron/dick/selfish pig.
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