In other words, will I be able to buy a decent guitar wireless system for around $300?

If so, what brand - price - other info?

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I would only stick to Shure or Sennheiser, they are the only ones that I have heard that work well. As for price, as far as wirelesses go, you get what you pay for, good ones START at $300-400 US
I have used the Shure SLX wireless system for over a year now. It has worked flawlessly for me on stage. Sounds great. It uses 2 AA batteries, and it has a pretty decent battery life. On a new pair of batteries I can go a whole show--that's about 3 1/2 hours and last through the next 2-3 practices (2-3 hours). I love it.

My bass player has a Shure ULX wireless system. Works good, more expensive, way worse battery life.

I never thought I would like wireless system that much. I've owned 2 older previous systems-- a Nady and a Audio-Technica. They pretty much sucked. The technology is much better now. I can't notice any difference in the sound quality. Plus, the freedom to move around and not trip up on your guitar cable is priceless.

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