My sister and I are currently sharing a plan with AT&T and it ****ing sucks. We never get service, we're charged 150+ a month for like 1000 minutes and 400 texts... And we're going to split the cost to cancel the contract within the next week.

I told her that T-Mobile has good plans, like the Family Fav 5 plan, and she thinks that's what we're gonna do. Now, I want a Sidekick and she doesn't really know if she does. But, what I want to know is Are the Sidekicks really worth it? I have seen them at school but never actually looked/played with one. They seem pretty neat, but the extra 30 a month will be ****ty if I don't like it.

Also, should I save for the Sidekick 3? Or just get the iD now?
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They're pretty cool, my cousin had one for a while. It's really good if you do a lot of texting or IM. It's actually kind of big, the long way. But the screen is pretty cool.
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i think its only worth it if you text a lot or if you want to look cool
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i think its only worth it if you text a lot or if you want to look cool

Well then I guess it's perfect for me!

We only have 400 texts per month currently and I always go over. We also only have 1000 anytime minutes and my sister goes over the minutes every month. So our bill usually comes out to being around 200.

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