hey. im looking for a USB interface that can record guitars, bass, microphones, basically anything that i would need to record music. i was looking at the line 6 toneport, as well as some m-audio products. what i need to know is, are there any USB recording interfaces that are under 200 $ (usd) and that WONT affect my tone at all. it is crucial that there is no tone deterioration or alteration between my amp and my computer. thanks a ton
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I think your confused. Either that or I am.. I thought the toneport and similar products came with software, and the software on the computer had all the amp and effect stuff. With toneport, you don't use an amplifier, the program and your computer ARE the amplifier...
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I can't really comment on any specific interfaces, but I can say that you're gonna lose some tone pretty much no matter what. It all depends on how you mic things, and the mics you use.
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Are you wanting to directly input guitars or mic them? Because either way could deteriorate your tone. Speaker simulation through an output on an amp never sounds exactly the same, and unless you have a high quality mic you will have to EQ your tone back to the way it sounds to your ear.

But once you've found the right EQ you should have a consistently good tone.
I got an M-Audio jam Lab from £25 from thomann, nothing fancy but it does the job.

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i suggest you read some of the stickies and get an idea of what you need, then refine your question. everything in your signal path is going to have some effect on your sound, and some of that is desirable. micing an amp with a SM57 is going to sound different than micing your amp with a mxl 990. both are good mics for someone recording on a budget, but will have different sounds. now yes, you may want your preamp to be transparent, but a good tube mic preamp can add some nice warmth to your sound. so yeah, read the stickies and worry less about transparency than about having things that will affect your tone in a positive way.

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go with a firewire interface around $200.
The mackie Onyx Satellite is just 200 and will not effect your tone much at all.

The toneports will effect tone and are ment to be used without your amp because the software simulates an amp.


and not only that..it seems MF has taken the price down another $20 for a little while...

if your desktop does not have any firewire port you can add one with a card...newegg.com has a good one for around $15

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