I'm trying to run my guitar and bass through my bass amp to my computer. When I do it directly it has awful quality, but when I run it through my bass amp it sounds better but I get this awful buzzing sound as if it's picking up some radio signals or something. Any way to fix this?
the buzzing sound is prolly from the computer its like if u play with the tv on im guessing
Yep, it's from the computer, more specifically the monitor. Set it up and set the volume you want (use a longish guitar cord) then sit at least 10 feet from the computer and the buzz should stop, or at least fade to minimal. Or you can just turn off the monitor once you get everything adjusted to your liking. It won't hurt the computer I promise, I'm also a computer technician, been building and repairing them almost 10 years. You can actually unplug the monitor and plug another one into the computer while running and it won't hurt anything, that's the only thing other than USB that can be "hot plugged".

Also try to keep the amp from sitting too close, I'm not sure if the amp itself will affect it, but I know the guitar pickups will create buzz anywhere within about 10 feet of the monitor. Been there, done that. Keep the guitar off to the side, instead of in front of the monitor, that will help too. You should hear the buzz get fainter as you walk away from the monitor. Then just pick your spot...

Flat panel monitors might not buzz as bad, I don't seem to get any appreciable buzz from my Fender Champ when I play sitting in my computer chair in front of the machine I'm using now, the amp is sitting about 6 or 8 feet to the side of the computer and pointed toward the chair I'm in. With an older style CRT monitor, it buzzes so bad you can't stay in the room with it.
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