hey guys i was just wondering if i anyone has ever used the monthly paying plan in Musician's Friend and could tell me if it was more expensive than paying up front?
im not using the Musicians friend card, im using another one.

p.s i had no idea where to post this, this seemed the most adequate place
Unless it's 0% interest (which I doubt. Maybe on selected items, but most likely not all) then it will be more expensive.
For sure that over time, as with all Pay-per-month services, interest will build up
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to be honest i dont really understand how it works so please smite me if im wrong

but my dad is using this card that has no interest for a year

which is the amount of time i nedd to pay it all off
0% interest for the first 12 months... Have it payed off by 12 months, which ultimately means you won't be paying anymore than you would have if you payed up front... I think that's how they did it last time I checked. It's seems like a really good deal, but I am sure there's a catch along the way.
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