On Bob Saget's recent HBO special, he played several songs on guitar, 2 in particular I would like tabs for.

The 1st song he wrote, called "My Dog Licked My Balls", which I want a tab to work up for parties and whatnought.

The 2nd song he played was not one he wrote, but he desribed it as an 'old English folk song', no title provided. Maybe you know the song, but the entire lyrics consist of setting up the next line for a dirty phrase, but instead innocently skips to the next one; Ex "The man and went over and opened the door, in walked a lady who looked like a fairly nice lady who looked down on her luck, said she discovered a new way to raise up the children.." etc.

If someone could find tabs for these or make them, I would be most appreciative.
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bob saget?
dog licking balls?...
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lmao he is so effin hilarious :] but yeah that song shoudnt be that hard to figure out. he's only plaing open chords and you can see him playing it
type "Bob Saget - old engilsh folk song" in song search
i just submitted it so give it some time