So after finally switching to a tube amp , ive finally faced the fact that my guitar cabinet is a giant piece of crap and is ruining my tone tremendously. (Its a crate btw) Im not entirely sure if its my Marshall DSL , but i know my cabinet is affecting the clarity. So im looking for any suggestions that would help me achieve some clarity in my distortion and also cabinet suggestions?

I play mostly modern styled rock/metal. I guess some examples would be Maylene and the Sons of Disaster , As I Lay Dying , Underoath , Circa Survive , Muse , Killswitch Engage , Saosin , and Placebo.

Also I plan on getting a 2nd amp , a used 5150 , so any cab suggestions that would run great with the DSL and the 5150 would be great. Orange or Mesa cabs maybe?

Thank you for any help
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If you are willing to get an Orange or Mesa priced one, I hear that Framus and Vader make excellent cabs. Also marshall, but I've heard Vader are the best for metal.
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I can only pass on what I have heard, so take it with "a grain of salt." I have heard Avatar cabs are good quality and excellent value. Might be worth a look. Celestions of one kind or another seem to be the speaker of choice for Marshalls.
Well thanks guys , any advice is good , i appreciate it greatly. I just want to have some ideas about what I should try out. Ill try to look into some of those but im just trying to look for a better sound for myself. I dont know any where in Houston where they carry Vader or framus cabs? Also i believe avatar cabs are custom made? Im going to guitar center in a week or two to try out a Mesa cab and a Orange.

Oh and i forgot to mention that im looking for a 2x12. Sorry , but 4x12 is just a big pain to lug around.
we must become the change we want to see.