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Some pretty good guitar work, I don't really like the vocals, I think it's because i'm a bit picky in that area. However they do sound pretty good about 1:17.

The tone is great, it really fits during the lead parts as well, pretty good job and nicely recorded, I couldn't hear any obvious mistakes. I just noticed you did everything yourself, uber kudos. Keep it up man.

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thanks man vocals weren't really the strongpoint of this song my other ones have better vocals.
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it sounds like two 80s styles mixed together (metal and synth) which isnt bad but its not really my style although i could still see people really liking it. the guitars where cool the only thing i actually didnt like was all the reverb on both the instruments and the vocals. still pretty good though.

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Dude, you're a killer guitar player. The leads sound SO good and your playing in the chorus is really creative. It sounds great.

The song itself is very well written and my only complaint isn't really a complaint...the vocals aren't my thing, but they are still good and fit well. There's nothing wrong with them, but I think you and I have very different preferences when it comes to vocals. To be honest they remind me of Billy Idol, which is actually pretty awesome so maybe I should shut my mouth.

Overall it was a kickass song. Also, I checked out The Last Goodbye and I thought it was gorgeous. The guitar and bass playing sounds amazing and it's a really calming peace of music overall.

Nice job man!
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I like it alot!! The lead guitar was awesome and had perfect amount of reverb. The vocals were actually really good keep it up man. Thanks for the crit on mine.
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The lead guitar is SICK man....that is some great guitar work.
Not to big on the vocals....they could use some work
But the guitar sounds great for sure.
Love all the harmony's.

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The song sounds GREAT other than the vocals, which aren't that bad but they could use some work.

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