I've got a Schecter C-1 E/A, the one with the semi-hollow body and the piezo pickup. It plays really well and I like the feel, but the tone is muddy. Lots of low-end coming through. I'm playing through a Fender Hot Rod Delux, and I always play with the bass on the amp almost all the way down and the tone on the guitar all the way up.

The guitar still has the Duncan Designed pickups that came with it. Many people have told me that the DD's are crap and if I get genuine Seymour duncans. But I'm pretty broke, saving all my cash for 5 months of travel coming up soon, and I wont be able to drop $75 for a JB and $100 for a '59 untill next summer.

Here's the question: If I install a new tone pot, can I make the guitar sound brighter? I dont know how the electronics works exactly, I'm guessing that If I use a pot with MORE resistance, it will effect the low-end of the signal more. Or will I just drown out my high end completely.

Or, if I use a pot with LESS resistance, will it cut out less high end?

As you can see, I dont really understand how this works, but if there's a cheap fix I can use for the next year I'll do it. I'd rather pull out the soldering iron than drop $175.

So hopefully someone knows their stuff, I know you're out there.

Thanks a bunch.
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it would be a pot with higher resistance, and it would work
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the tone pot would make a difference but not in the amount your looking for. Try experimenting with your eq, because it sounds like you haven't eqd properly.

Otherwise get some brighter pickups like dimarzios. They aren't that expensive and maybe look on ebay ?
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i think a new tone pot would work to an extent. If u got new pickups, it definately would bea more drastic change. a JB and a '59 would do much more for ur guitar than a new pot would. And have u tried EQing ur piezo with more mids and distorting it to see how it would sound.
I wouldn't personally stick a JB in a hollowbody, but the pickups are the main culprit - I have a Jackson with "Duncan Designeds~" in it and they blow. You can try upping to a 1 meg pot, but don't expect miracles.
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You may want to try a cheap EQ pedal like the Danelectro Fish n Chips. If you are playing your amp really loud you may need a speaker upgrade or switch to a closed back cab.