if u like early misfits, where eagles dare is tight or skulls
later misfits, saturday night, forbidden zone, crimson ghost, helena
all the songs are good pretty much
pretty much anything by the misfits rules.

my faves are return of the fly and dig up her bones.
hybrid moments or...

some kinda hate is fun, especially if you only want to spend about 30 seconds learning a song
yea alot of misfits songs are like that but its cool they kinda fun to play.and plus gives me a better grip on punk music
i kinda like astro zombies
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the best misfits baseline to learn is spinal remains. really easy.


who killed marilyn by glenn danzig solo.


the dr phibes songs.
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yeah but for shear awesome-ness you need to hear "Dr Phibes Rises Again"...Starts off with the intro track from the American Psycho album and turns into a 5 minute thrash a thon - complete with super-rare metal solo from Doyle.

"Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight" is pretty cool too. Ooohhh tempo change.