So, not much talk about the new Stars album that comes out on the 25th? Or maybe I'm just blind to it all?

Anyway, I'm really excited for it. I just heard 'My Favourite Book' from the album, and ah it was so great.

I think you can hear it all on their Myspace? But I'm trying to avoid that because I don't want to spoil the suspense really.
i might end up getting it, but the songs that i have heard from it weren't all that amazing
well, i have only heard "the night starts here" and "division" (which is a b side that is exclusive to the new arts and crafts sampler)

granted i listened to them on the drive back from seeing feist, kevin drew, and grizzly bear...
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granted i listened to them on the drive back from seeing feist, kevin drew, and grizzly bear...

Agh, I bet that was quite a show.
My friend downloaded it and she sent it to me.

The first time I have ever had a CD before it's official release, and I must say that it is quite a decent cd. It sounds how I expected it would sound, which I consider a good thing in this case.
It's pretty good. I'm a big Stars fan and like a lot of songs on it but it doesn't quite have the consistency of SYOF or the standouts that Heart has. Take me to the Riot is still amazing.
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The new album is great, IMHO it is as good as Heart (well.. really close). Personal, Window Bird and B. in Tokyo (lol) are awesome. Amy does a fantastic job.
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i still haven't gotten it, then again i haven't been buying things i have planned on buying for a while.

is it honestly worth picking up? compared to set yourself on fire how is it?
Thats a tough question, to be honest I don't know if I can pick one over the other right now. I would deffiently say Bedroom is worth a pick up, but I don't know if its better than SYOF persay.

Yeah actually, its not as good as SYOF. But I really like it anyway.
It's good, but it can't stand up to Set Yourself On Fire.

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But anyhoo, it does have a couple real good tracks, "Genova Heights" is rockin' me.
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ok, i'll take your word on it being good.

i would buy it today if i didn't just buy the science of sleep.