Well I'm ordering my guitar/amp setup from MF and I was just wondering how well packed the guitar will be? It doesn't say it comes with a case so yeah.
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it will come in the manufacturers box, but if you order something that includes a case, the case will come in the box
Dude,DO NOT Order from there!!!!Im not lying man(dunno if its just cause of location) but my stuff i ordered came basically with the box all torn and stuff man.i didnt have anythnig really important in there but it wasnt packaged very well.I ordered 6 packs of dunlo pjazz III and only got 1!Very unhappy,i also ordered a ibanez weeping demon epdal which said in stock and they kept backordering it along with a dimarzio cable.I had a very abd experience with them man,maybe its cause of there moving warehouse thing.On the other hand zzounds was very awesome,order was on time and everything came in properly!
my strat didn't have a case and it was totally fine. my amp was fine too, though it came like a month late cuz they ****ed up my address then had to back-order it twice, which is funny cuz i ordered them together. i wouldn't worry about that happening though unless your postal service is as retarded as mine. in fact, just disregard that... everything was fine

btw Are you buying the stuff in your sig? if so, well done

EDIT: the guy above me is scaring me... if you can, BUY FROM A STORE, NOT TEH INTERWEBZ