I'm just curious... what opinions do y'all have about chromatic pedal tuners; not necessarily for gig use, but functionality and accuracy in general?
ive got the boss tu-2. i love it. pretty damn accurate and (even though you didn't really ask for it) pretty damn necessary for gig playing
Depends I suppose, I have one built into my effects box so I use it when gigging otherwise I'd save money and just get a normal plug in tuner an unplug quickly from ya amp go into your tuner and back into your amp again.

I mean there good and accurate so theres nothing wrong with them just maybe a little bit of a waste of money if you already have a tuner.
Can you tell me how the TU-2 reacts when you hit a note? Both of the tuners I have now seem to hesitate on my 6th string until it's almost stopped ringing.
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Everyone has Boss tu 2

do you???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I don't like as i lay dying
I have a Boss in route from Guitar Center... apparently I chose wisely? Thanks for the input everyone...