I remember watching this show as a kid and really getting into painting for a few years...its never as easy as it looks though.

This is the guy who said things like "happy little trees"

I went though youtube and found a few shows

(part 1)
(Part 2)
Part 3)

a few more at this account page:

You just cant help but want to start painting when watching him do his work and seeing how easy he makes it look.

Anyone else a fan of this show back in the day?

They were supposed to make a PC, Wii, and NDS game out of the show but the company who was designing it "pulled out" and never came back and its been a year now...
I made a Bob Ross thread once. I like this one better, though. Bob Ross is sex. I get hypnotized everytime I watch him, and coincidentally I have to take a nap right away.
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He has the soft pillowy voice that would make John Mayer sound like Hitler, and a afro that would make Hendrix blush.
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I usually watch Bob Ross on YouTube if I'm having trouble sleeping. He's so serene and such an awesome painter.

It's a shame that they keep taking his videos down.
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yeah , they used to have heaps of his episodes on YouTube but they took most of them down

But i love watching him paint.
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