Well, I just bought A Gibson Sg 61 Re-issue Clicky , And I was wondering which Amp I should get... I was Thinking Marshall. It Needs To Be Under $2,000. I Play more Rock music than anything, But the occasional Buckethead will pop up. Also..If anyone could Suggest a Great Distortion, Wah, Delay or Chorus Pedal, It would be Lovely. Thanks
id say a mesa because mesa are great for bluesy types of rock and have a great classic rock tone and can still handle music like pantera. if you do get a marshall dont get an MG... if you get an MG dont post threads about it unless you wanna get flamed
you can't go wrong with a vintage marshall: plexi, jcm800, jtm45,silver jubilee etc.

Also maybe a tubescreamer for overdrive and a memoryman for delay?
Maybe a used Marshall JCM800? That'd probably do for you. Or, if you're not really bothered about cleans, the Peavey Windsor is cheaper and is said to be like a hot-rodded JCM800. Alternatively, if you can afford it, maybe an Orange Rocker 30?

Nice guitar, by the way
i think a JCM combo is under $2,000. a Soldano stack might be that much. a Fender Super-Sonic would workk, too.

Distortion- Big Muff Pi or a Metal Muff. Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde disto/OD
Wah- Vox Clyde McCoy wah or a Mega Wah (search bar).
Delay- Danelectro Forward/Reverse delay
Chorus- Visual Sound H2O chorus.
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vintage marshalls are great so are all marshalls other than MGs and AVTs

And the Mode Fours aren't so great, either.
^ No worries. It wasn't aimed at you or anything, nor was it malicious. Sorry if it seemed so
Well, I can't find Any Orange Amp's On musiciansfriend, And some of the marshalls have been right around My Price range

Oh and...What's Wrong about the MG's?
They're overpriced amps. They don't have particularly good tone and are generally a waste of money, because you can get better for the same price. Plus they will really not do that SG you got justice.

Edit: I still stand by the used JCM800 suggestion.
Hmm, I'll Look into that one, Thanks.

Just got a new thought...Strings..No Clue which to go for o.O
A Mesa Boogie Stiletto!

Based on the british tone but with modern voiced sounds too! And way better!
Personally, I'd say Rotosounds or D'Addarios - either of those are great. Some people like Ernie Balls, others Dean Markleys. Generally, you have to try a few different brands to see which you prefer
Just So you know, Denthul, I Love you. And qotsa, Your Pedals Are Awesome! Thanks for all your help Guys!
^I think Jim Dunlop are superier to those!

They have life in them after hours of playing and useage! And even after a month or so still perfect! Great feeling too!
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Just So you know, Denthul, I Love you. And qotsa, Your Pedals Are Awesome! Thanks for all your help Guys!

You're most welcome. Helping people is a 'hobby' of mine... (Well, I really just enjoy it a lot, but I can put that down as a hobby...right?) I'm just glad I can help people with this sort of thing as well as the stuff I normally work with
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