ok im really in the dumps right now.

I asked a girl out on Wensday but she said no. Well in the note she said that she gave me she said she really wasnt't looking for a boyfriend. Ok I thought everythings cool. Well on Friday I asked her if she was going to the dance and she was like im not sure if umm someone else is going. I figured alright, she's just going to hang with her friends or something. Well on Saturday, me and my friends post up things like xxxxxxxxx in the title from the list about something like how you feel or something. Well she posted up the one that said she liked someone.

Does anyone see where this is going? We are good friends but I can't believe what a lie that was. And now unfortunately I've lost most my trust in her as of this point. But I still really want to be friends with her as well. But then I got to thinking what else she might have lied about.

It's like I'm ok with her saying no. But to put such a blatant lie about not wanting a bf? She could have just told me there was someone else she wanted to go out with.

Anyone else have anything else crappy in this sense happen to them?
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It's not a lie, it's an excuse. There's a difference.

How dare she not like you.

And relationship thread.
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