Does anyone know what kind of Distortion
Jack White uses to get that Fuzz Noise he
uses in most of his songs?

For Example...

Let's Build a Home
Fell In Love With A Girl
Death Letter
Blue Orchid

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Big Muff Pi, I think.
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He uses a Big Muff pedal I'm pretty sure. Blue Orchid is a little different because he also uses a Digitech Whammy IV set to the Octave Down/Up harmonizer to get the bass sound.
He uses a Big Muff, with an MXR Micro amp for a boost and a Whammy for all the weird stuff.

As least that's his normal setup as I understand it.

You could check out Broken Bricks (http://brokenbricks.com), I think they have some lists of gear etc.
Big Muff. He uses the American. What amp have you got?
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I have a GFX-15 Crate amp. I think it's like 30 watts.

wham, bam, thank you ma'am!
the big muff is the next thing iam getting for guitar, pure gilmour man.
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I have a GFX-15 Crate amp. I think it's like 30 watts.

usually the number following the model name is the wattage, so it's most likely 15 watts.