I have a Laney LX35D. I love this amp but i am wondering if a new speaker can fix a problem that i am having. I cant max out both the crunch and master settings on the "crunch" channel. If i try to, i get earsplitting feedback. The most i can do is the crunch at 10 and the master at 6-7, ot the other way around. If i got a new higher quality speaker, would i be able to max them out? If that doesnt work, a speaker that would give me a general increase in volume would be nice to. The sound quality isnt bad on this amp at all, but an increase in that area wouldnt hurt either. So basically i want to increase the the loudness (somewhat significantly) without losing ANY sound quality if that is even possible. I cant find the sensitivity of the current speakerr anywhere but it is a 10"
Thanks in advance.
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