I am working on some 'mods' for my electric guitar. My 7 string Ibanez.

The guitar comes with 2 humbuckers - I want to remove one without messing up the inside wirings, the bridge humbucker, to be exact. Also, upon removing it, what can I use to fill that empty spot on the guitar?

I also want to remove those annoying dots on the fretboard, how would I do that?

Anyone who is knowledgeable enough? Shed me some light?

removing the dots on the fretboard will be a bitch and you will have to fill the holes with something so you will always have a little bit of dot showing... you can remove one humbucker and change the pickguard, but I guess that the wiring comes with more than 2 knobs (1 tone/1 volume) right? If so you should change the whole wiring configuration.

This link has several different kinds of diagrams for you to check out.

If you have no soldering experience then I advise you to practice a lot before working on your guitar because you might end up ****ing up some components if you do it wrong.

hope this helped.

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use putty to fill the hole and to take out the pick up by un-soldering the wires conected to the volumeknob, tone knob, and toggle switch. as for the fret board, i'd leave the dots there, they are there to help, so u aren't lost on the neck.
You could try mixing putty or epoxy or something like that with some wood shavings and filling the hole out, sanding everything down and refinishing the body
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