Just a little something I slapped together. It's the top song on my profile, so click my name to listen.

Crit for crit and all that, wot wot.
Very good quality recording, mate. Lots of nice soloing there, and i like the way you mixed clean and overdrive too.

There's only one thing I'd like to mention, though. I kept expecting the drums to kick in at any minute. Maybe you could add some? That song would be absolutely kick-ass then. Other than that, very good stuff.
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I greatly enjoyed it, I love metal with that Spanish sounding influence.

I agree some drums would complete this song so much, but aside from that guitar work is really good.

Some of the things like the keyboard seemed a bit out of place, I would do away with them, but it's up to you, the bass around 57 seconds seemed out of time to me I don't know, but It could just be me since i'm such a n00b

Anyway keep it up
Thanks, guys!

A question, then: Where can I get some good (free) drum tracks? I'm doing all my recording through a Line6 TonePort (it's all guitars, the 'bass' was me popping on my Strat and I don't know what sounded like keyboards...)

12Jim, I'm gonna listen to your thing now.
Not really sure if that was "metal" really... But it was good nonetheless. Good job. =)

And thanks for your comment.
The recording was quite nice (a little bassy at parts) - also could of lowered the EQ or done some compressing as a couple parts distorted my mics.

The solo was very sweet!!!!

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