i like the design, looks like zakk wylde would play it, but it looks incredibly cheap in person im guessing. Dont waste ur money without trying it. for 360, a guitar like that will most definitely look very cheap.
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If you are looking for a good acoustic in the 350-400 range I would suggest a seagull. I bought an S6+ as my first real guitar and have been incredibly pleased with it. It sound great; it has a slightly wider than average neck, which makes it easy to learn on; It is durable as all hell, I've dropped mine of rocks, flown overseas, and basically kicked the living hell out of it and it still sounds great. I got mine setup properly and play phos-bronze elixers on it. Much more experienced guitarists than myself have picked it up and loved it. Just now in looking up a link to post I found a whole multitude of good reviews for it on musiciansfriend.com Check out the guitar, you wont be disappointed.

Ugh. I think some people look at acoustics as a dumbed down version of an electric guitar. So not true. Look for an established acoustic company, such as Seagull (like Comedicgrudge suggested). Don't go based on looks, just use your ears. Yamaha and Takamine both make solid beginner guitars as well. For the price of this Dean you can get a solid top, possibly all solid wood, from a company which specializes in acoustics. You're going to get a much better instrument.
I'll admit I'm not too knowledgable on the subject, but it looks like a fairly standard guitar for the price. Not great, not crappy, just kind of standard. Personally, I woulden't get such a flashy guitar unless you really know what you're doing with it; otherwise it'll seem like you bought it for the 'pretty colors' and not for the instrument itself (course I've always been a fan of the classic basic look, so maybe I'm a bit skewed).

Herr Jones and Comedicgrunge seem pretty on the ball; shop around and look for a better deal. If you like the guitar, then by all means, but make sure to play a few (and make sure you play the one in question) before you make a decision. You can get some fine hardware in that price range.
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I don't trust all those "designer guitars" because I would think they focus on how it looks more than how it plays...also they can jack up the price because it has their name on it.
specs look ok, i tihnk the design is ugly though
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I believe it got good reviews.

If you like the design, go for it.
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Check out the 300 dollar guitar thread at the top of this forum: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=337075

Perhaps the single most important element in the way an acoustic guitar will sound is its top. As the strings are strummed, the vibrations are transferred through the bridge to the top. As the top vibrates, so does the air within the body, amplifying the sound of the strings. Acoustic guitar tops are either solid or laminated.

A solid top typically is composed of a single chunk of wood will be butterfly-cut (split down the middle) and the two pieces matched up down the middle of the guitar (lengthwise). A laminate top is created with several thin plies of wood that are pressed together. Laminate tops tend to be less affected by changes in temperature and humidity, and generally an acoustic guitar with a laminate top will be more affordable than one with a solid top. A solid top might cost you a bit more but will offer greater resonance and projection. Also, it is said a solid top, will tend to sound better as it ages. In short Solid Top > Laminate Top.

As such, buy a guitar that has a solid top. Unless it explicitly says "solid top", it is safe to assume the guitar has a laminate top, as with the Dean guitar you linked to in your original post. Just to throw out a few names, Yamaha, Takamine, Washburn, Alvarez, Seagull make excellent guitars at that price range.
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